14 Sep

Why root your Android phone?


The Android platform is built on open source architecture. Open source, in short means users can view or modify the code as wished or required. This is truly awesome for programmers, developers and experienced users to do virtually anything with their devices, but on the other hand, for normal or basic user its easy to mess things up. Anything done incorrectly can completely brick your device. For this reason most Android Phones come with some security to protect their system and make system somewhat foolproof, bypassing this security is called rooting. Root is the term used for Android phones and Jailbreak for iPhone.

Nowadays you can root your phone very easily with simple instructions. There is no one size fits all formula here, so the process differs for every phone. Write a comment below if you need help rooting your Android phone.

Here are the some of the many awesome features you can enjoy after rooting your Android phone:

1. Install Custom Kernel

The kernel is the heart of an operating system. Custom kernels are modified google stock kernels to deliver better performance and features. I personally use Franco kernel on my Nexus 5 phones for up to 50% better battery performance.

2. Xposed Framework

Xposed framework is a kind of framework for Android stock ROM which allows to install different add on modules to your stock rom. Confusing? It might be very confusing this way, but think of it as an APP,  this app itself won’t do any magic, but allows you to add some very cool features to your phone by installing add on module. You can find modules to add or disable features, removing advertisements, tweak navigation or status bar, add pie control and many more…..

3. Freeze or disable annoying apps

Frustrated with bundle app or some bloatware app which doesn’t allow you to uninstall from your phone? Rooting your phone will give you freedom to uninstall or disable any app or service on your phone… It’s restore your rights to your phone!

4. Backup Software

Backup is the Achilles’ heel  of android.  There is no better option to backup and restore data on Android phone without rooting. Even google’s own cloud backup fails to restore in the app settings, messages and many other data. After rooting one can use apps like carbon or titanium backup to backup and restore phone.

5. Custom ROMs

For the more adventurous users, custom roms can be installed after rooting the phone. As the name suggests they offer custom looks and features.  XDA-Developer website is where one can find different roms for your phone.

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