20 Oct

Supercharge your Internet with Browser Extensions


Annoyed with advertisements on the Internet, or want to download some YouTube videos, or check updates from all your favorite websites on one page, all this and many more such unique functionality can be added to the internet browser with browser extensions. New users will be amazed to see the difference in their internet experience and to know how easy is it to install and use them.

Browser Extensions Explained

A browser extension is a small computer program which extends or add functionality to the Internet browser. Most of the modern internet browsers nowadays supports them, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer. It can be downloaded and installed from the settings menu of your browser or from the browser’s website. All one need to do is choose from the vast library of extensions, presentation is very simple and interactive and will feel just like the app store on your phone.

Some interesting ideas for browser extensions are listed below:

Password Manager – Securely stores all the passwords in one place, locks them up with one single password. Use this single password for Auto Login on all the websites.

Download Manager  –  Helps to manage downloads from the internet. Add resume support to all your download and faster download speed.

Spelling and Grammar – Corrects any spelling or grammatical mistakes while one type anything in the browser. Very useful for email composing on the web.

Advertisement Blocker – Hides all the annoying advertisement on the internet. Web pages become clean, non distracting and loads faster. Some extensions even hide the annoying in video advertisements on YouTube.

YouTube Video Downloader – Helps you to download and save videos on YouTube. Click here for our complete guide.

Email & Chat notification – Receive notification of new emails and messages easily, eliminating the need of constantly checking or refreshing the email page.

Syncing & managing tabs – Nowadays we use many different devices to read or browser on the internet. These extensions will sync all your open browser pages to all your devices.

Exporting & saving articles – Web pages are not designed for printing or saving articles. These extensions will help you to extract article from the webpage and view or print in simple document like structure.

RSS & Newsfeed – Most of us follow many different websites for news, information and articles on the internet. These extensions will help you grab all the updates from all your favorite websites and list them all in one page. No more checking endless websites and refreshing pages.

Shopping – Helps find better prices & deals while online shopping. Say for example, you are shopping for a pen on eBay and the same is available cheapest on Amazon, it will notify and help you save money.

Accessing restricted content – Some websites are blocked on certain network or region, if you ever need to visit such website then you can use such extensions. Example: Pandora, Hulu & Netflix are not available in India.

Anonymous Browsing – On the internet everything is monitored, if you ever wish to browse anonymously there are extensions available for that too.

Getting Started

As mentioned above, one can choose and install extensions from browser’s website or from the setting menu in the browser. Chrome is the most popular web browser, its extension’s web store link is provided hereunder for your ready reference. For other browsers you can google it, or visit their respective website.



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