13 Oct

How I shopped for FREE on the Flipkart’s Big Billion Day & also made 5k in cash


Flipkart biggest sale of the year, The Big Billion day sale for many was a huge disappointment, as most of the Flipkart’s users couldn’t find good deals or were unable to order them. Discounted item quantity was very limited, so very few people got stellar deals.

But I managed to get products worth at least 10k for free and made 5k of extra money. 

What I got from Flipkart on The Big Billion Day

I missed all the stellar deals like Nokia X for 700 rupees and Samsung tablet for 1400 rupees. Still, I managed to grab the following offers:

  • Four Prestige cookware at 70% discount.
  • Schneider fountain pen at 40% discount.
  • Tripod stand for my camera at 60% discount.
  • Designer coasters at 50% discount.
  • Half girlfriend book by Chetan Bhagat at 50% discount.
  • Some rechargeable battery at 60% discount.
  • SanDisk 16GB micro SD card 80% discount.
  • PNY 8GB USB pen drive 80% discount.

There was an additional 10% cash back discount on all these products from Citibank and Standard Chartered credit card. All these items cost me around 4200 after applying the 10% cash back offer. Same products without deals would have costed me not less than 10k.

How I managed to get Rs.9300 from Flipkart

I was privileged by Flipkart to order two Xiaomi Mi3 16gb phones. So I ordered both of them for 14k each. The cash back discount of 10% was also applied on these phones. Total cost for 2 phones, including the cash back discount was rupees 25200 [(14000*2) – (14000*2) *10%].

I sold both the phones on eBay at a premium, one for Rs.18490/- and another for Rs.17990/-. Total sale of Rs. 36,480/-. I will get at least Rs.34500/- after deducting shipping cost & eBay fees.

So my net profit from the sale of Mi3 Phones stands at Rs. 9300/- (Rs.34500 – Rs.25200) on the minimum side. EBay fees are not finalized and is considered on maximum side.

See the pic below, my first Mi3 phone eBay page:



See the pic below, my second Mi3 phone eBay page:

ebay order 1

At the end, I am left with free shopping of at least 10k & 5k of extra moolah. Flipkart definitely made my coming Diwali great. Happy Diwali to all of you in advance. 

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