21 Sep

Game of SmartWatch


To win the battle of smartphones, companies like Google, Apple & Samsung are trying best to push their newest category of the product i.e. Smart Watches.

So what exactly is Smartwatch? Is it cool and useful enough to jump in?

In the world of technology to qualify for a smart device status, one must have enough power and capability to run an Operating System with some applications. So Smartwatch is basically is an electronic watch capable enough to run OS & apps. Touch screen display is the primitive input and output device of the Smartwatch. On the whole today’s Smartwatch is no less than a wearable computer.

As the Smartwatch product category is relatively new and most of the current offerings are first generation, their usage and applications are very limited.  User Interface is not optimized and experience seems unpolished. Currently, both Google & Apple have their own Smartwatch OS, which is basically trimmed down version of their smartphones OS. Pebble, Kickstarter based Smartwatch runs its own OS and is compatible with both iPhone & Android Phones. Microsoft with no Smartwatch in their portfolio are running very late, may join the party later…

I am not covering or commenting on any particular smart watches here, I am just overviewing the current Smartwatch offerings. Comparison and details of the best available options I will publish later.

Some features offered by the Current Smart Watches

  • Date & Time with various design themes
  • Calls & messaging notifications with reply options
  • 3rd party app integration
  • Directions via mapping software
  • Music Control
  • Heart rate monitor & pedometer
  • Voice control (can be used for searches, reminders, alarms etc.)

Despite all this nice feature, my biggest concern is the battery backup. Charging battery daily is a very tedious task… While traveling you might be stuck with a dead watch. All manufacturers are pushing their platforms, and they might want you to upgrade your Smartwatch every year. 

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