24 Apr

Evernote – One of the best Productivity app!


Evernote is a brilliant note app, it allows to manage any information on computer, smartphone or tablet very easily and efficiently. It’s syncs the data to their cloud service for safe keeping and syncing to other devices. For sensitive documents or data, they also offer encryption. The features are endless and one can manage any kind of data (audio, video, docs, web pages),  still the text is its biggest strength. It has changed the way people work with text and documents for many…

Before Evernote, I use to create new text or word document and write/paste my data in it. Manage all my text and documents in files and folders. Over time it was messy, leaving me with hundreds of files which was very difficult to navigate, search or to find exact data needed.

With Evernote, no more creating nested files & folder. All data are stored in its database, backed up in cloud automatically. Important ones can be encrypted. Data is available on both my Mac and Windows PC and its synced. It’s also easy to share data between mobile and computer, as the data is synced instantly on all your devices. You edit documents on any device and its updated on all… Evernote also allows to share and collaborate data with other Evernote users, very useful for business users.

Evernote is available on all major Operating System, both mobile and computer. It can be downloaded from respective app store or from their website.

Best of all the free version is good for most of the users…  Advance or corporate user might need to subscribe premium plans. Paid user gets extra bandwidth to store data in the cloud… 60 MB upload limit on the free account per month, download is unmetered.

Click here to visit the Evernote website, to know more.

I found the following YouTube video, a good introduction to Evernote. Enjoy!

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