09 Oct

Best & Easy way to download YouTube Videos | PC & Mac | Latest working guide!

youtube_tecyindianWe all love YouTube.com and at times want to download and save videos from YouTube.com for the convenience to watch them later without the internet. I am sharing very easy and convenient way to download YouTube videos on your computer (Mac & PC) below.

There are many spyware and malware software available on the internet for downloading YouTube videos. Please do not fall for them, no special software is required to download YouTube videos.

What you actually need:

1. Internet Browser with Extensions or Add Ons support (Firefox preferred)

Most of the internet browsers nowadays supports browser extensions (also known as add-on) and my favorite of them is Google Chrome. But I recommend installing Firefox or Opera over Chrome for downloading YouTube videos, Chrome browser blocks most of the YouTube video downloading extensions. It makes the process of downloading YouTube videos very difficult.

2. YouTube video download extension for your browser

A browser extension is a small computer program which extends or add features to the internet browser. It can be downloaded and installed from the settings menu of your browser or from the browser’s website. CLICK HERE for our Browser Extension Article.

There are many extensions available for downloading YouTube video, I am listing my tried and tested ones below:

For Firefox I recommend – Download YouTube Videos by ialc Link

For Opera I recommend – YouTube Video Downloader by fastesttube Link

How to Download YouTube Videos:

First install your preferred internet browser and YouTube video download extension as mentioned above. Enable the browser extension in the browser settings. Once enabled, it will add a download option in the YouTube video pages, as shown in the picture below. Clicking on the download link will further show you a drop down box for selecting various video quality options available for download together with the download file size. I recommend downloading MP4 version as it is playable on most of the computers, phones and tablets.

YouTube Download Demo


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